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Milltek Innovation announces Autosport laptime winners

Milltek Innovation announces Autosport laptime winners: click to enlargeThree lucky motorsports fans have won three very different high-octane prizes, as a direct result of participating in Milltek Sport stand at Autosport International 2017.

Visitors to the stand were invited to test drive the new Milltek Innovation simulator cockpit. Designed and built in-house, the simulator showcases Milltek's skills in both high-quality metalwork and cutting edge technology.

By driving a virtual Toyota GT86 around a simulated Brands Hatch Indy circuit, competitors had the opportunity to set a laptime. The ten best laptimes were then entered into a final draw to win one of three great prizes:

1. A fly-away VIP weekend to the Nürburgring to join the Milltek Sport GT86 Cup team at one of nine VLN rounds in 2017.

2. A stainless-steel cat-back system for any car in the extensive Milltek Sport catalogue.

3. A brand-new LiteBlox super-lightweight LB19XX battery. This smart-technology 1.9kg carbon-fibre-clad Lithium Ferrate Phosphate battery replaces your standard lead-acid battery, saving as much as 20kg in the process.

The competition was intense, and the queue behind the sim rig rarely cleared. Laptimes dropped under 58 seconds by the second day. By the end of the 4-day competition, the top-ten drivers were a heady mix of real-life and sim racers.

In the end, the fastest time was set by Rob Cox, who set a blistering 57.502s laptime. Himself an avid sim-racing fan and real-life racer in the VW Cup, he won the VLN VIP weekend, including flights, hotel and a meal with the team.

"The Milltek sim-rig was so well built, it was just one of my favourite sims at the whole show," said Rob. "I'm delighted to have won the trip, as the last time I went to the 'Ring I was far too young to appreciate it! I think I have to take my boss as the guest, because I was actually supposed to be working at the Show!"

Russell "Rusty" Laidlaw scored the third best lap time and also drew the prize for a free LiteBlox LB19XX lightweight battery. Like Rob, he's a real-life racer and sim-racer, and he’s planning to fit the LiteBlox to his Golf GTi Mk2 running in the Production GTi Mk2 cup:

"I'm overjoyed to have won the battery, because it means I can reduce the nose-weight of my GTi even more. And it's a massive confidence boost to have beaten so many professional and semi-professional racers."

Charles Theseira was the last Milltek prize winner, winning a free cat-back exhaust for his BMW E36 328i. The Singaporian petrol head, and marketing undergraduate at Dunlop Tyres, is also a keen sim-racer and go-karter.

"I'm really happy to have set a fast time," admitted Charles. "Like so many other people, I was supposed to be working at the show and not playing. But the Milltek simulator was just so good, I couldn't resist. I've wanted a good exhaust for a while, and now I can’t wait to fit my Milltek."

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